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If you are struggling with your CV Writing or CV template, CV Folks, can help! We will boost your chances of getting a job with our highly effective and results-driven CV writing services.

We understand it can be challenging to create a strong CV with a perfect CV template that stands out from the crowd. Our expert CV writers will create a strong CV with a job-focused CV template that will help you to get the job you deserve. We know what works and what doesn't. We know how to impress potential employers through creative CV writing; conveying your skills, experience and personality in a way that will get you noticed. As the UK's leading CV Consultants, we will be with you at every step-of-the-way until you are successful in finding employment. Get in touch today. It's the first step that will start your journey to success.


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Get Your CV Template Right First Time. Let the Experts Write it for You.

Since your CV is the first thing an employer will see, you will need to make it stand out from the competition. A strong CV template can greatly enhance your chances of getting noticed by recruiters, thereby increasing your chances of landing a job, and propelling your dream career.

We are experts in designing professional, effective and highly results-driven CVs from scratch; that highlight important areas of your experience, abilities, skills and expertise, education/training, and achievements – thus landing you a job that you desire.

Successfully get – 10 times more interviews, 5 times more job offers and a respectable hike in salary. Our CVs are meant to help you realise your potential and to strongly position you for success.

Here is What you Get from our Top-Quality CV Service

Professional & Industry Specific CV – Written by UK’s Top CV Experts

With us, you can rest assured that your CV is in the hands of a highly qualified CV writer with experience in creating highly effective and results-driven CVs. Our expert team of writers hold multiple certifications and skill training in CV writing, and have worked as former recruiters, bringing with them experience and expertise from a variety of industries.

ATS-Compliant CV – Beat The Competition & Rank Higher

The CV that we create is ATS (Automatic Tracking System) compliant. Hence, when you submit the CV on the  job sites such as Indeed or Monster – you are ranked on top of the employer search list.

CVs that Engage the Recruiter:

Our CVs are designed to grab the attention of Recruiters, Hiring Managers and prospective Employers. We focus on your Unique Selling Points (USP), so that your CV is not cluttered with information but only with information that is most relevant to the profile or job you are aiming for. We never use a general CV template for all.

CV That Lands You the Perfect Job

We bring with us years of experience that has given us the skill sets and the industry-wide network to identify exactly what the potential employer is looking for in a candidate. And we leverage this information while tailoring the perfect, job-oriented CV for you. Hence, through this, your future employer would be able to ascertain that:

You are the perfect fit for the role.

  • The skills you bring to the table will solve the organisation’s needs and requirements.
  • You deserve the remuneration you are rightfully demanding.
  • You are the candidate they have been searching for.

Our brilliant team of highly professional and experienced CV writers will comb through your skillsets and tailor the perfect CV that will set the stage for a soaring career.

General CV examples or CV template may adversely affect your career and limit your chances of securing an employment that you desire. Instead, let our experts do the job for you.

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