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Unlock a door of opportunities with our professional CV Writing Service in Edinburgh! In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving professional landscape, a well-crafted curriculum vitae (CV) holds immense power. Your CV serves as the first impression you make on potential employers, showcasing your skills, qualifications, and experiences. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a seasoned professional looking for a career change, or an individual seeking to polish their existing CV, join us to ensure that you get the best CV Writing Services in Edinburgh.

Why do you need Our professional CV service as a job seeker in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh boasts a thriving and diverse job market, offering opportunities across industries as varied as finance, technology, tourism, and creative sectors. With a rich mix of global corporations, start-ups, and SMEs, the competition for coveted positions can be fierce. This is where our professional CV writing service in Edinburgh can be a game-changer. Here is what we offer:

Personalised CV Crafted For Your Success:

Because, every individual is unique and comes with very different skill sets, backgrounds, qualifications and career goals.  At CV Folks, we understand this and hence ensure that every CV we write is tailored exactly to the individual’s requirements, regardless of which stage of your career you are in.  Armed with relevant information on your strengths, achievements and key attributes, our expert team will craft a bespoke CV that highlights your individuality, effectively communicates your value proposition, and maximises your chances of success.

Team of Professionally Trained CV Experts:

At CV Folks – CV writing service Edinburgh, we have assembled a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals who specialise in crafting impactful CVs. Our team members possess in-depth knowledge of industry-specific requirements, current hiring trends, and effective CV writing techniques. They are adept at highlighting your unique strengths and achievements, ensuring that your CV showcases your full potential. With their expertise and attention to detail, they can transform your CV into a powerful marketing tool that impresses employers and increases your chances of securing interviews.

Results-Driven Approach to CV Writing:

With our expert team at CV Folks – professional CV writing, we don’t just list down your qualifications and experiences. Our CV writers take the time to gather comprehensive information about your background, qualifications, and accomplishments. They delve into the specifics, ensuring that every important detail is captured and showcased effectively in your CV. Our attention to detail extends to formatting, language, and presentation, ensuring that your CV is polished and professional. By choosing our CV writing service in Edinburgh, you can rest assured that your CV will be meticulously crafted to highlight your strengths, align with industry expectations, and present you as a top candidate in your desired field.

Just the Right Keywords to Help You Rank Better:

The key to success with a CV today is using the right keywords, especially since most employers utilise Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to sieve through the countless CVs they get. This can sound daunting, but, worry not. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of ATS and knows how to strategically incorporate the right keywords into your CV to ensure it passes through these systems successfully. By aligning your CV with ATS requirements, we increase your chances of getting noticed by hiring managers and progressing to the next stage of the recruitment process. Hence, with our CV writing service in Edinburgh, you can be confident that your CV will be tailored not only to impress human readers but also to navigate the digital landscape and maximise your opportunities for job success.

Unlimited Revisions:

Crafting the perfect CV is a collaborative effort which requires refinement and fine-tuning. And we, at CV Folks – CV service, understand that well. Which is why we don’t stop at delivering just the first draft. We work with you all the way, ensuring that we take your feedback and incorporate it into subsequent drafts to ensure that the outcome is excellent. This flexibility allows us to continuously improve and polish your CV until you are completely satisfied with the result.

On-Time Delivery:

This world runs on deadlines and our expert CV Writing Service in Edinburgh is well aware of this. Hence, we will ensure that you receive your CV within the decided time frame. After all, we highly value the trust you put in us.

Confidentiality Maintained:

We understand the sensitivity of personal information shared during the CV writing process and the importance of maintaining confidentiality. Our team takes privacy seriously, and we have robust measures in place to protect your data. We adhere to strict confidentiality policies, ensuring that your personal information and CV details remain secure and undisclosed.

Beyond CV:

Our services go beyond just the CV writing phase. We can help you ace your interview by providing you with valuable guidance and resources to help you prepare for interviews, including mock interviews, tips on answering common interview questions, and techniques for showcasing your skills and experiences effectively.

By investing in our CV writing service UK, you are investing in your future success, increasing your chances of standing out among the competition and positioning yourself as a strong candidate in this dynamic city’s thriving employment landscape. Put your trust in our expert team at CV Writing Service Edinburgh.  Get in touch with us today and script your way to professional success.

Essential CV

(Skilled CV Writer)


2-Day Turnaround

  • Skilled CV Writer – Professionally written CV  by a skilled & experienced CV writer. 
  • Professional and Eye-Catching CV –  to catch employer’s attention.

  • Editable format –  word and pdf formats.
  • 6 Months Free Revisions/Updates to your CV

  • A dedicated CV writer to keep in direct touch with.

Essential Package


2-Day Turnaround

  • Essential  CV – Professionally written by a skilled CV writer.
  • Professional Cover Letter – Employers are 50% more likely to read a CV with a cover letter.

  • Free LinkedIn Makeover – 95% of employers use LinkedIn; we’ll professionally rewrite your profile.

Premium CV

(Senior CV Writer)


2-Day Turnaround

  • Senior CV Writer – Professionally written CV by a senior CV writer.
  • 60-Day Interview guarantee – Guaranteed Job Interviews

  • Personalised Job-search/ Job Application advice from career coach – To help find a job faster
  • 12 Months Free Revisions/Updates to your CV
  • A dedicated CV writer – to keep in direct touch.

Premium Package


2-Day Turnaround

  • Premium CV & Job-Search/ Job-Application Advice
  • Premium Cover Letter – Employers are 50% more likely to read a CV with a cover letter.

  • Free LinkedIn Makeover – 95% of employers use LinkedIn; we’ll professionally rewrite your profile.

Executive CV

(Executive CV Writer)


2-Day Turnaround

  • Executive CV Writer – CV Written by the senior-most & professionally certified CV writer
  • 90-Day Job Guarantee 
  • 24 Months Free Revisions
  • Personalised Job-search/ Job Application advice
  • Personalised Interview Preparation Advice 
  • A dedicated CV writer  

Executive Package


2-Day Turnaround

  • Executive CV,  Job Search Advice and Job Interview advice.
  • Executive Cover Letter – Employers are 50% more likely to read a CV with a cover letter.

  • Free LinkedIn Makeover – 95% of employers use LinkedIn; we’ll professionally rewrite your profile

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