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At CV Folks, we will help to boost your chances of getting a job with our highly effective and results-driven CV writing, cover letter writing and interview coaching service

As UK's leading CV Consultants, we will be with you every step of the way. Our experts know exactly how to write a CV that will get you hired. We will make your CV stand out from the crowd. Get in touch today and take the first strong step to grow in the career of your choice.


INVEST IN A JOB-WINNING CV Your CV has six seconds to impress a recruiter - we can make that happen. Our CV Writers know how to write a CV that increases your chances of getting the job.


Not Sure How to Write a CV or Make a CV? Let the Experts Write It for You

Your CV is the first document a potential employer sees, you need to ensure that it stands out from the crowd. After all, a powerful CV is your passport to increase your chances of getting hired and advancing in your career.

If you don’t know how to write a CV, then worry not! We are specialists at creating compelling, Automated Tracking Software (ATS)-ready CVs that highlight critical facets of your education, training, experience, talents, and accomplishments, packaging them into job-winning CVs.

Here is What You Get from Our Top-Notch CV Writing Service

  • Team of Professional and Experienced CV Writers:

    We know how to write a CV that gets results.  You can rest assured that you will be in good hands when you work with our expert team of highly qualified and certified CV writers who are adept at crafting CVs that deliver. Our team members, which also include former recruiters, hold multiple degrees and qualifications and bring with them a wealth of experience from across industries. 

    Our CV writers have successfully assisted professionals from levels of experience, ranging from fresh graduates to managers, team leaders, senior managers, C-Suite executives, and others. For our clients, we create highly competent CV documents that best reflect the individual’s selling points, leveraging both new and trusted techniques to bring out desired outcomes.

  • ATS-Compliant CVs – Beat The Competition:

    All our CVs are ATS-compliant, ensuring that when you submit them on job sites, LinkedIn, or on the company’s website, they are scanned and the information is captured by the ATS. Enabling your CV to rank on the top of those of the fellow applicants. 

    This is possible because of the amount of research that goes into creating every CV. We focus on elements such as right keywords and phrases, thereby ensuring that your CV is fully captured during the initial scan when you apply for a job online.

  • CVs that Engage the Recruiter: 

    CVs are so effectively designed and crafted that they grab the attention of Recruiters and prospective Employers. We are experts in bringing out your Unique Selling Points (USP) so that your CV contains only the most relevant and apt information that suits the profile and role you are applying for. 

    When you hand your CV to us, you can be sure that your final CV document will be crisp, to the point, well-formatted, and apt for the role you are applying for, capturing the reader’s attention.

  • High Value CV Packages at Affordable Rates:

    We offer a cost-efficient CV service that delivers best results. In addition to providing CV services, we also offer highly creative value packages that include assistance with interview preparation, job search strategy, and more.

    We strongly encourage you to examine the many services we include in our CV packages to improve your chances of finding work and success with the dream job you have always been aiming for. 

    With branches across UK including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds,  Edinburgh etc. We are always in easy reach.


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