How to Rock Your CV through Social Media to Get a Job!

You Curriculum Vitae meets your prospective employer before you do!

Hence, your CV has the potential to introduce and portray your professional life in exactly the way you want it to. Here, however is a catch – most of the people don’t get it right even though they’re highly skilled and have what the employer is looking for. The precise and polished form of your CV not only lists your triumphs and capabilities but also states how that will be utilized in the job position.

So, exactly what is your employer looking for in a job applicant?

  • Your skills.
  • Your capabilities that fits the bill.
  • Your possible positive contribution to the organization.

The sole reason a hiring manager sits for hours, scanning and analyzing candidates after candidates is to find out the ones who will be an asset to the organization.

A general CV is not the CV which the hiring managers are looking for – in the 5-7 seconds they give to each CV, they want the right keywords which suits the requirement of the job as well as tell them why you are the right one for the job!

So, how can you get it right?

A mere list of your work experience along with your qualification is not valued anymore! You can read here as to how to write a CV.

You need to prove a point right there, on the CV itself that you are the best bet for the position.

  • Focus on the requirements of the job and mold your CV accordingly.
  • Highlight the skills which they have asked for.
  • Use the skill to say how that will help them in the business.
  • Also, use your experience to quantify results.
  • If there have been times of failures – put it forth in a way that speaks positively about you!
  • Do not lie.

Be very specific.

We say this because the hiring manager has no time reading about how you were rewarded for the times you have over-achieved, but they do want to know about your achievements. Say what is necessary!

We, the CV Folks, have always believed in this theory. Our skilled team helps our clients reach greater heights by assisting them individually and understanding their professional journey and interpreting that in terms of keywords which the hiring managers are looking for!

This information is relevant when you already know about the jobs that requires your skills and experience – what about those many jobs that you may fit in but aren’t aware of!?

You obviously want to reach them and try your potential!

Employers now do not just rely on the job portals or traditional recruitment methods to find the right employees – recruitment industry is being re-defined. Social media is harnessed as well – to scan, filter and even select candidates that fit the job roles!

You must totally go with the tide and achieve greater possibilities.

Social Media, CV and Your Future Boss: How to Hit It Right!

Social media helps you put yourself ‘out there’!

This, in turn helps you become visible to employers who might be looking for you. Here, there is another catch – when you are ‘being social’ on the internet, you have keep in mind that the activities you do can be or is already being watched and judged by your potential employer. Often times, a candidate is filtered just because their online content is offensive/racist/abusive or something which the organization’s culture does not believe it.

If you are active on social media, you have to be responsible as well; one wrong post/tweet might eliminate your chances of a great job opportunity!

Since social media, today, is the biggest and most widely used medium to communicate and connect – employers get a good chance of knowing the ‘real’ you, what you are underneath the covers of CVs, cover letters or interviews!

We do not suggest you to post only formal content on your social profiles. They are your personal accounts – it is meant to be informal – however let everything work for you positively. Your words, reactions and things which affect you reflects a lot about your personality. Employers, apart from qualification and skills, also look for the personality of a future employee – make it work for you!


The three major social networking sites which the employers look out for are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Rope in the advantages of each of these websites for your advantage.

The world of social media revolves around 4 major factors:


  • Who all do you know?
  • What do you know?
  • Who all know you?
  • Who are your friends, friends with?

Let us dive in the world of social networking and find out how well you can use it to land a job!

Make LinkedIn Tell How Hirable You Are-

LinkedIn is mainly a business-oriented platform where you can showcase your qualifications, skills, experience as well as network with professionals from all fields. It allows you to directly get in touch with organizations or groups (having similar interests).

LinkedIn is more of an online-CV which gives you the opportunity to describe your career goals, list your credentials and advertise your potential to the fullest.

It is more of a marketing tool for you, make sure you follow few sure-shot ways to make the most of it!

  • Your headline must say exactly what you are looking for. The more creative, the better.
  • Next to that is your profile summary. Writing a kickass and marketable summary about your triumphs and skills will give you a boost right there!
  • Follow your target (or dream) companies. Be well abreast of their activities and swoop in right when the opportunity arrives!
  • Your network is the entire web. Make as many contacts as possible – that increases your visibility.
  • You don’t need to feel awkward about introductions here, it is after all a formal world. Have a mutual friend knowing someone from your target company? Ask him/her to introduce you!
  • Unlike real life interviews, through LinkedIn, you can actually know about your hiring manager before the interview and thus be a little bit better prepared – just a little bit of research would suffice!
  • Let no stone be unturned to learn about the company you want to get into!
  • If you have valuable recommendations and endorsements from ex-colleagues or bosses – you are almost there!


Use Facebook to Help You Connect and Communicate-

Facebook is mostly a platform to communicate and keep in touch with friends and family, or is it? When rightly used, Facebook can be used in your favor to get the right contacts for the job you want!

While you can be informal or ‘yourself’ on this platform, by way of sharing your life through pictures, interest, events you attend, etc. you give a glimpse of your life to the viewer of your profile. Why not show what you want them to see?

  • Tell them what you’re good at. Use specific keywords at various places in your account.
  • When seeking job, let your friends, family and peers know that you’re looking!
  • The ‘interests’ part of your profile must clearly state which field you would like to work.
  • Utilize the groups on Facebook – more often than not, companies post on these groups about their requirements.
  • Like the pages of your favorite companies; participate and engage now and then. You do not want to be a ghost to them. Let them know you exist!


Leave the Rest to Twitter-

Twitter, the famous microblogging website is no longer about only frequent and short updates from the users’ lives. It has grown wider and more usable at professional fronts!

Twitter gives the ability to create a personal networking with people, companies and even brands.

  • Follow your favorite company and start interacting.
  • Companies keep their social profiles active by regularly posting and even playing contests – nice way for you to interact with them and get their attention.
  • Search for opportunities using Twitter’s search tool.
  • #Hashtags are a great way to collate relevant data at one place and use them in your favor.
  • Sending same or too many messages to 100 of people or point of contacts can prove detrimental. Keep it limited to few.

In conclusion, through social media do not seek job, instead be available for opportunities. Offer yourself and let people who require you, grab you!

Of course, this can be aided with a ‘rock-star’ CV that hits the right chords!

When on social media, if you’re saying something, say it out loud!

Job searching is a serious activity – you cannot let even a single opportunity miss. The better and more foolproof you online account is – the better are your possibilities of getting the right job.

If you wish to know about the social media rules of playing it safe yet on the spot – order our CV Writing Service and we send you the complete guide free of cost! 

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